Our Services
Aerial Mapping
Mile High offers a variety of platforms to conduct aerial mapping including fixed wing, rotary wing, and the latest in UAV technology.
Mile High offers Power & Pipeline Patrol Services with a helicopter that has the best visibility in the industry of any turbine helicopter. We are experienced in taking qualified survey teams on spot, short, or long survey operations.
Aerial Film
Let Mile High take you up to report traffic problems and emergencies. We have vast experience covering breaking news for TV, radio, and printed news. We have aircraft that can stand still above a scene for extended periods of time. We have been utilized for accident survey and support and we are on-call for the State of Florida as a State Emergency Response Team.
Load Lifting
Mile High has the capability to lift loads of up to 2,000 lbs with the Long Ranger L3.
Fire Fighting
The Allouette II is configured for fire-fighting operations with a bucket weight of 1,320 lbs.
Frost Prevention
One of the first jobs for the Allouette in the USA was that of Frost Prevention since the heat given off by the engine is actually blown downward in slow flight. It was this discovery that motivated businesses to import the aircraft and serve as the first airborne crop heater in the U.S. One Alouette II can raise the temperature of a 60 acre field in just 30 minutes of grid flying. No other helicopter design can top that.
Wildlife Management
Aerial surveys are frequently conducted to study habitats, wildlife, and ecosystems and to provide resource managers with information that often determines important management techniques, herd sizes, nesting locations, etc. Mile High is very experienced in these operations and we are a preferred vendor for the State of Florida and the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission. We have provided survey operations for both plant and animals including deer, duck, wading birds, alligator nests, eagle nests, and manatees.