Our Fleet

Mile High Helicopters has a fleet of both fixed wing aircraft and helicopters including the following:

• King Air 90 and 200
• Piper Navaho
• Piper Lance
• Cessna 182 (with Canards)
• Bell 206 Long Ranger
• Bell 206 Jet Ranger
• Allouette II
• Cabri G2
Alouette II and Bell 206 Long Ranger helicopters. Our helicopters are completely mobile on trailers enabling us to serve any location in the U.S. which saves substantially on ferrying and mobilization costs. Despite being a legacy aircraft, the SA318C Alouette II is still today the safest, most stable, most efficient, and most economical flight solution for aerial mapping and data acquisition of any helicopter design.

We own an STC for a unique universal mounting system that can accommodate virtually any camera or equipment. That means no need to worry about having to file 337 mods or other time-consuming hassles in order to fly your equipment. The camera/sensor platform is approved for any and all equipment that can bolt to it, up to the Alouette’s wide CG limits. Because of the flexibility of the Alouette design, we can also offer multiple configuration options for monitoring and computer placement. The very forgiving and massive CG capacity of the aircraft allow for computers to be placed front or rear.

Another major advantage of the Alouette II is range of work time. The model 318C we fly boasts the longest duration on a single tank of fuel… a whopping four hours of flight time. For those in the industry who know down time means less scanning efficiency, this is yet another big reason our customers choose us.
The Alouette’s open frame allows for passive air resistance which makes it a far superior platform for aerial images and scanning. Flight corrections for windage are negligible and have little to no effect on the aircraft’s (and camera/scanner’s) relative shooting or scanning angle (or “tilt”).
In addition to our helicopter fleet, the recent addition of several fixed wing aircraft means we are also capable of supporting the latest high-capacity sensors on the market – operating at higher speeds with greater coverage.