About Us
Mile High has been in business since 1999. Our expansion in 2017 dramatically increased our fleet with both fixed and rotary wing capabilities. Our home base is near Tampa Florida with a satellite operation in Austin, Texas. We also have partner bases in the UK.
Mile High Helicopters
We have the experience and expertise to offer all types of sensor flight services plus much more including:
  • Part 61 and 141 Training (through Partners)

  • Load Lifting

  • Long Line Operations

  • Aerial Lift Operations

  • Agricultural Frost Prevention

  • High-Tech Remote Sensing Flights

  • Aircraft Leasing

  • Helicopter Turbine Hours Building

  • Fixed Wing

  • UAV

Mile High Helicopters

James Newton DFC
Our company president James Newton is a former pilot from the Commando Helicopter Force in the United Kingdom having served 24 years flying helicopters and fixed wing. He commanded 845 Naval Air Squadron and flew operations in Iraq and Afghanistan a long with an appointment to CENTCOM in the U.S. James is the owner and accountable manager of Vantage Aviation (in the UK and USA) and holds FAA and EASA licenses in both helicopters and fixed wing. James has over 6,000 hours in 16 types of aircraft. James was awarded a Distinguished Flying Cross by Her Majesty the Queen for Gallantry in the Air in 2004 – the first such award in over 70 years.
Jay Stipe
Vice President Jay Stipe is a seasoned business professional with a background in management and real estate. He has owned and managed a large office building in Palm Harbor, Florida since 1999. Before that, Jay was an executive at WebMD Corporation during a 10-year span that included its formation and growth as a public company. In recent years, Jay founded MiraTrex, Inc., a successful software company with multiple apps on the iTunes Store. Jay is also a multi-engine, commercial pilot and he regularly flies charter flights for local executives.
Mile High Helicopters

Mile High has the best engineering service partners available both in the USA and the UK with Part 145 repair stations and Eurocopter and Bell Helicopter
service agents in the UK. In addition to comprehensive aircraft repairs, we are capable of complete component overhauls.